Finally, more strips on the internet

6 Aug

Hey, folks… I’ve been working three jobs and my internet and computer are both down at home temporarily. I’m working on several projects (including a mini featuring a new character, which appears below), I’ll try to post more frequently.

Here are a few things I’ve been working on in the last few months:


New facebook fanpage.

11 Apr

Like Modest Proposal Comix? Like cats? Like things that are awesome?

Then hopefully, you’ll like the new MPC fanpage.

pepperoni grazer and more new comics.

8 Apr

Due to a severely underwhelming matchup this year…

2 Feb

Guess which ad campaign Fruits despises.

29 Jan

here you go:

29 Jan

some comics I drew yesterday

20 Dec

Hey, folks:

Well, I successfully wrote an entire 50,000 word novel in November this year – I started two days after I had hernia surgery. This month, I’m moving, so… these are my delightful excuses for having not posted any comics in awhile.

I drew these yesterday, my Mom wants a fish and chips strip for Christmas, so these are some attempts that, while I think are pretty decent, won’t be getting wrapped up (poorly, because I suck at that) for the holiday. So here, you enjoy them, hope your year is winding up nicely.