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more awkward occasions cards.

20 Oct

Thanks for all the positive responses so far to these, I’m really enjoying everyone’s reactions and comments.  I meant to do a bunch more of these last night, but I’m going to try and post a few up at a time for the next few days until I have a pretty big stock of them. I’m aiming to sell them in packs, but if you see one you really, really want, we can work something out. dig:



awkward occasions greeting cards.

19 Oct


I’m showing work as a member of the Conspire Collective here in PHX, so I’ve been working on these ridiculous greeting cards to sell there and at Organic Bliss online. They’ll be available for sale on that website in two weeks, at the latest. I’m going to sell them as packs, most likely, rather than just singles.

They’re very small cards, basically an index card folded in half, and all of them are 100% hand-drawn and colored. Here are some photos of the first run.:

one for the road (upon which I do not drive)

19 Oct

yes, I still draw comics.

1 Oct