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no tegusta, bulk uploader (new and improved, with more content!)

31 Aug

The daily strips are just three I picked out from what I’d venture to guess is about… 4 years of unpublished work. I did the daily autobiographical strip for about 3 years, then took a couple years away and did another year, which transitioned into the Fruits stuff.

There is a reason most of that work wasn’t published, however – it just plain wasn’t very good. They weren’t all shit (as you can see above), but I like what I’m doing now better. As for doing more similar work in the future I’m interested in putting together episodic autobio stories, rather than daily.

If you’ve read this far, well… you should win something.


I’m trying to use the “bulk uploader” with mildly-annoying results.

31 Aug

The best scene in Teenwolf:

26 Aug

I’m using this idea of little colored drawings glued inside jar lids for an art show.

I learned the process from Picture Pages with Bill Cosby a super, super lot of years ago.

Michael J. Fox is champion.

if training wheels were so awesome, why bother getting rid of them?

16 Aug

Godfather IV: Al Pacino vs. He-Man.

9 Aug

if you make a cheese crisp in the microwave, it just comes out as a cheese. No crisp. Warn your friends.

7 Aug

Fruits the Cat? True friend. He makes other pets look like the Matrix sequels.

5 Aug