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Finally, more strips on the internet

6 Aug

Hey, folks… I’ve been working three jobs and my internet and computer are both down at home temporarily. I’m working on several projects (including a mini featuring a new character, which appears below), I’ll try to post more frequently.

Here are a few things I’ve been working on in the last few months:


pepperoni grazer and more new comics.

8 Apr

comics on paper bags (first try)

1 Sep

The best scene in Teenwolf:

26 Aug

I’m using this idea of little colored drawings glued inside jar lids for an art show.

I learned the process from Picture Pages with Bill Cosby a super, super lot of years ago.

Michael J. Fox is champion.

if training wheels were so awesome, why bother getting rid of them?

16 Aug

I like bob dylan.

1 Aug

Behold: we do not suck.

28 Jul

Mostly, anyway.

Check out this review of the Film Challenge that birthed Weekend At Bernie’s III: